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Clubhouse Rental Form
Do You Have a Gate Common Area Gate Key and Key Fob?

***Property Owner/Tenant must be in attendance throughout the entire function.***

To guarantee availability, the rental fee of $75.00 is to be paid by the above individual at the time the "Clubhouse Rental Form" is submitted. (Minimum two-weeks prior for any/all major Holidays). 

Fob access will be granted as soon as payment has cleared. Access is limited to the date of the rental only. The clubhouse must be cleaned and ready for inspection by 1:00am following the date of rental. In the event that the Clubhouse Usage Rules have not been observed, a $200 fee will be placed on the homeowners account. 

You may view the Clubhouse Usage Rules here. They are also posted in the clubhouse for reference. 

NOTICE: The rental of the Clubhouse does not grant you exclusive use of the pool. Sutton Place HOA assumes no responsibility for any type of personal injury or property damage incurred during the use of the Clubhouse or adjoining facilities. 

Checking the box below indicates that you have both read and understand this form and the attached Clubhouse Usage Rules. 

Thanks for submitting! We will be in contact shortly regarding your reservation request. 

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